Ammadora creates unique designs that add character to any interior. Individual furniture, tailor-made for space, can make customers feel particularly pampered. Ammadora furniture are distinguished by a combination of functionality, beautiful design and art. The Ammadora brand loves to combine wood with mirrors in different shades. Interiors of furniture are often finished with delicate, opalescent textiles. Depending on the light, different shades are appear to our eyes after opening the wardrobe or commode. Ammadora brand is run by Omena Mensah. It all started with a fascination of antiques and design, with desire to be surrounded in own apartment by original furniture with artistic “soul”. During the research she realized that the greatest joy for her is to get to know the history of the furniture and give to it another, sometimes surprising incarnation. She decided to create her own ideal furniture. OMENAA MENSAH, AS A MEDIA PERSON RELATED TO THE DESIGN, PRESENTER OF THE HOUSE OF STARS PROGRAM AT DOMO + CHANNEL, ALSO SUPPORTS COMMUNICATION REATED TO FURNITURE.