A&H is a new, ultra-luxury brand that is a resultant of cooperation between Heban Gallery, which sells world's top-of-the-range furniture and Ammadora, which has experience on creation of exclusive furniture. The first collection of the brand is called ETERNITY. Mold designs were prepared by Paweł Kałabun from the PaulokaaDesign studio.

Collection Eternity

 The Eternity collection is one of the most exclusive furniture collections currently available on the luxury goods market in Poland. Most of the collection was created in a small Tuscan manufactory, which for three generations specializes in the production of handmade, luxury furniture, but some of the elements were produced in Poland.


The A&H collection is now available in the HEBAN Gallery of Exclusive Furniture

The first ETERNITY collection of A&H offers: leisure furniture, two models of armchairs, a table, chairs, commode and a coffee table, as well as accessories such as pillows. Each element can be purchased in several color options. The furniture are available to order. You can see and order them in the HEBAN Gallery of Exclusive …